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DownloadDownload File & Image Uploader 7.x (7.7.4)
  • new independent core
  • has speed limiter
  • better proxy support (SOCKS, HTTP)
  • allows to bind to adapter/IP
  • works in Linux in Wine
  • alternative download location #1: direct download (/down/FileUploader.exe)
  • alternative download location #2: Dropbox (/down/FileUploader.exe)
  • alternative download location #3: https://1fichier.com/dir/AouOgJuX (folder with previous versions)
Download Download skins
  • just decompress inside the folder with .exe
Download DLL libraries (not needed)
  • not needed with the latest version
  • SSL libraries to connect to HTTPS secured sites
  • just decompress inside the folder with .exe